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The snake plant is undoubtedly the easiest indoor plant to grow. This cute foliage from the plant also maintains healthy air in your room by removing toxic substances from the air just against indirect light. Its less need and requirement also make it more likable to anyone to grow snake plant, especially by the newbie gardeners. Though snake plant can leave fine at whatever you through at it and keep it in, snake plant hates the most is waterlog. Waterlog can harm your plant through root rot or any other disease. While it can even keep itself healthy and
Having no outdoors for growing apples doesn’t mean that you can’t grow them. You can grow them indoors! Are you surprised to hear that? Well, then I will say don’t be surprised. I am 100 percent sure you can go for growing apples indoors if you have the proper guidelines. Apple is one of my favorite fruit to add them in my deserts. Now you may say that I can buy them anytime from super shops. Then why take all the hassles of growing them, right? Then let me tell you that picking the fruits from your tree and
Honeycrisp apple is one of the most trouble-free apple varieties to grow in your backyard. I didn’t believe that until I grew some of them in my backyard the previous year. I am here to share those handy tips and tricks for cultivating the Honeycrisps in your backyard. Honeycrisp apple is a hybrid of Macoun and Honeygold apple cultivars. The difficult growing conditions and less production of this apple variety make it expensive. However, it is a favorite apple variety of most people because of its high-quality apple. The ripe apple is super crunchy, sweet flesh with a little
I stopped using stored basil in winter once I learned that basils could be grown in winter too! If you want to enjoy fresh basil in winter, there is no other alternative to grow these herbs indoors in winter. Basil is a summer herb, but you can grow it in winter effortlessly. Basil is an annual herb so that you can grow them from one summer to another effortlessly. Besides that, you may find some basil varieties that are perennial herbs! However, during summer, you can effortlessly grow them outdoors, and in winter, you can switch them indoors too!
Are you aware that harvesting basil in the wrong way can stop the growth of your basil plant? So, for the continued growth of basil, you have to know the proper way of harvesting basil. The wrong way of harvesting can kill your plant. But many of you are maybe confused about the right time, the right height, or the correct process for harvesting basil. Do not worry! I am here to solve your problem. Here I have mentioned almost all the possible answers to clear your questions about the best ways for harvesting basil for regrowth. So, let’s
The snake plant is unquestionably the easiest to care for an indoor plant by only using indirect light. The sword-like leaves with tremendous air purification capacity make the plant more likable to make you have one beside your bed. According to NASA, the plant can purify the air around you from toxic substances at a tremendous rate. The plants’ tolerance capacity also makes it the perfect bedroom plant. As the foliage plant doesn’t require much care, even anyone who is a beginner at gardening without much prior experience can also easily take care of snake plants. They are also
If there would be a ranking among the most tolerable house plants on the planet, snake plants would unquestionably take a higher position or may even be the top. Snake plants are undoubtedly the easiest plant to grow with the lowest maintenance and efforts required to grow. Anyone may grow the perfect plant anywhere, besides your bed, stove, on the lawn, and even in a corner of your bathroom. Wherever you may keep them, they are sure to provide you with green foliage without worrying you and hassle you to provide plant care. Snake plant is also becoming a
Are you unsure about keeping your compost pile in the sun? Most compost farmers have the same question in mind at first. When I first started to make compost, I was uncertain when to keep the pile in the sun or the Shade. As years passed by, I gathered more experience and knowledge related to this issue. In this article, I will let you know if you can keep your compost file in the sun or not. Yes, you can keep your compost pile in the sun. Doing this will increase the internal temperature of your pile, making it
Spider plants are maybe the most suitable indoor plants to start gardening. These indoor plants are so easy to care for and friendly that even beginner gardeners can take care of them without much hassle. These ribbon plants are also loved and tendered for in-house gardening due to their air purification capabilities and keeping the oxygen level better at your home. As they are native to the South African region, they bear good surviving skills and only ask you to provide water and indirect sunlight. If you can give them these much, they will give your house a nice,
Are you concerned about the disposal of your dead livestock? Rather than burying them into the ground, you can convert them into natural compost. Among many methods of dealing with dead livestock, my family has been doing this one for a long time. That is how I learned many things related to this. In this article, I will tell you how to convert your dead animals into compost based on my practical experiences. First, you need certain tools, machinery, and carbon materials for building and managing the compost pile. Using these, you must select a proper site and prepare
Do you want to make fresh compost at your home in plastic tubs or bins? You’ve taken the right decision, even my grandfather used such plastic containers for composting purposes. Since then, my family follows the same process for producing compost for our garden. So in this article, I’ll write about how to make compost in plastic tubs or bins at your home. Composting is time-consuming, but if you do it in small plastic containers, the process gets accelerated more. First, you need to get the ideal containers and drill them. Then you have to fill them with green
Do you want to start your garden by killing the lawn grass with compost? Even my father adopted the composting process to kill grass when I was young to start our garden. Over the years, I gained a lot of experience working with him. So, in this article, I’ll write about how to kill grass with compost based on my practical knowledge. You will find that the composting process is recommended by most home gardeners to kill grass. In this process, you have to mow down the big grasses first. Then, you need to lay down a few layers