6 Tips On How To Protect Your Container Garden From Animals

This article is definitely for you when you want to be a superhero and save your little container garden from animals!It is heartbreaking when someday you have just found out that your doggy has uprooted your plant from the pot. Now you are just feeling like killing the dog but you can’t do that. You have the feeling of crying or screaming badly.But, wait! You neither have to kill your favorite pet nor have to cry. You just have to follow the following steps to protect your garden from animals. So, let’s dive in deep.
How To Protect Your Container Garden From Animals

7 Amazing Ways to keep the animals away

You may think that plants are inside the pot, not in an open space. So now no animals can damage them. But no, it’s not true.Basically, vegetables or flower plants are planted in containers. So you can keep your plants inside or outside of your houses like vegetable plants outside the house and the flower pots inside the house.So, you see many unwanted things that can happen with your plants as we said earlier. In the case of container gardening, the enemies can be birds, rabbits, squirrels, wild animals like rodents, raccoons, foxes, deers, or other household pets.So, are you ready to give protection to your container plants? Well, to protect the plants from animals we can use both physical and chemical protection.

1. Make a Physical Barrier

Creating physical barriers can be your first option to keep some animals away. You can use wood, metal wires, or plastic ropes to build a fence around to save your garden from pests.You can also use garden fabric to cover the plants or metal hardware cloth to cover the soil to stop the pests like rodents from breaking through the soil.You can also cover the garden area with heavy rocks. This type of barrier is too good to prevent squirrels from coming to your flower pots. To save the garden from rabbit damage you need to use at least a two or three feet tall fence and for deers, it needs to be at least six to eight feet tall.In vegetable gardens, you can use bird netting, plastic bird netting, or chicken wire to make a fence around individual plants and save the vegetables from birds.Moreover, you can use shiny elements like aluminum pie pans, near your container plants to scare away deers or birds.

2. Keep your garden clean

Keeping the garden clean is another solution. Brush piles, weeds, and tall grasses can attract rodents and other animals to the garden. So, these need to be cleaned.

3. Use a chemical or natural repellent

You can use two types of repellents for your garden, one is natural repellents and another is electronic repellents.electronic repellentselectronic repellentsSome animals hate the strong smell of repellent or herbs like rodents hate the smell of basil, mint, thyme, and garlic.So, surrounding the garden area with these herbs will keep the specific animals away.Cayenne peppers, black peppers, and any other peppers can keep the squirrels away from your garden. They hate the spicy smell so spread some pepper flakes or can spray some powder on the soil and it will do the work.Besides cayenne pepper, you can use mothballs, Epsom salt, animal repellents like predator urine, and an ammonia-soaked rag to repulse the raccoons.To protect your potted plants from rabbit damage you can use hot pepper or dried blood (blood meal) sprays and garlic oil also.

4. Use the biological process as a shield

Well, it might sound weird but some biological processes can truly save your garden. Some worms or natural fertilizers can really save your garden.Using microscopic worms or milky spore bacteria to kill the grub worms in the garden is also necessary. Many animals like rodents can attract to the garden because many animals eat them.Then you can use bone meal to repulse the squirrels. A bone meal is basically a mixture of animal bones and wastes that you can easily find in any local garden center.q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07L389BRM&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=gctlove 20&language=en USbone meal

5. Grab a technology and digitalize the garden

In case you need an instant result to save your garden from animals, you definitely can use some technology. There are professional traps and release services that will keep cunning animals like foxes away.Using some powerful motion lights that can identify the movement of animals and use bright lights to frighten the animals away can really be helpful in cases of some nocturnal animals like foxes and raccoons.Besides, there are some advanced scarecrows that identify the movement of wildlife and instantly spray water to frighten away the animals from the garden.Another technology is an electric fence that can keep the deer away. But before you put up an electric fence you may have to go through some legal activities according to your residential area.

6. Keep your adorable pets away

It may sound harsh but it’s true that your own pet can cause harm to your favorite plants. So, you better keep them both at some distance.Also, give your pets some attention and they will not try to damage your garden to get rid of boredom!Animal in container garden

Why do animals come to the garden?

Now you know how to protect your garden from the animals. But does your curious mind want to know why they keep visiting your garden? Why do they annoy you so much?Well, let me share some of their reasons for coming.

Their foods are in your garden

Squirrels basically come to bury their food cache. They choose the flower pots to hide their foods as the potting soil is too soft.Rodents like to dig the soil and search for insects. Deers visit to eat your flower plants and woody plant shoots over grasses.Foxes, raccoons, and other nocturnal animals come in search of food. Raccoons literary can eat anything and so it is harmful to your container gardening. Foxes will dig your garden just to find out some worms to eat.

They just want to have some fun

Your garden is too beautiful. So, the animals decided to have a disco party in your pretty garden!Well, just kidding!Jokes apart, if we talk about your pets, then the rabbit loves to eat your plants. And your dogs and cats might get bored and they need your time and attention.But don’t worry your cats will not dig your garden as it is a clean freak animals.


So till now, I have shared my knowledge about how to protect your container garden from animals. Now it’s your turn to choose wisely to protect your garden.
  • Add physical barriers and if needed add barriers to individual plants.
  • Use spray deterrent, scent repellents, or urine deterrent whichever is required.
  • Mix protective components with potting soil or use technology as you want it.
  • Keep your container garden away from your pets and other animals.
Last but not least, take care of your lovely flower and vegetable gardens. Happy gardening! Hope it is helpful for you. Have a good day!