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How To Propagate Snake Plant

Publish Data: August 1, 2021

by Sifat Sadekin

The snake plant is unquestionably the easiest to care for an indoor plant by only using indirect light. The sword-like leaves with tremendous air purification capacity make the plant more likable to make you have one beside your bed. According to NASA, the plant can purify the air around you from toxic substances at a tremendous rate.

The plant’s tolerance capacity also makes it the perfect bedroom plant. As the foliage plant doesn’t require much care, even anyone who is a beginner at gardening without much prior experience can also easily take care of snake plants.

They are also extremely simple to propagate, which means you can multiply your lovely Sansevieria plants or Snake plants for your home and as gifts for friends or your near and dear ones!

Snake plant propagation can easily be done through three different methods. You can easily cut off a leaf from the mother plant and use an eater to propagate. You may also use rhizome division or put leaf cuttings into the soil to generate more plants from your plant. A healthy mother plant can get you lots of healthy snake plants from any method of propagation.

You may use any of the methods to simply get more plants from your existing ones. The methods might sound not easy but trust me once you get into the process you will see how easy it is to do. So, stay with me till the end of this article and master the techniques of snake plant propagation.

How to Propagate Snake Plant

Table of Contents

Why Propagate Snake Plant?

You might still be confused and be thinking about whether the effort is worth taking or not. Let me show you some possibilities which may extend your desire to produce more snake plants.

You might want more snake plants for other rooms to get more green foliage in your home. Having more plants will additionally help you with intoxicants and other issues. And as the plant needs almost no effort more plants won’t hold you up with more efforts to put onto.

You might want to gift some beautiful plants to your near and dear ones. Gifting a Snake plant will show your love to them more evidently. Besides as Snake plants are less needed and can live in neglect and less care, you will be able to rest assured that the plant will live, and your dear ones will get more purified fresh air and lead a healthy life without putting much effort into gardening.

You might somehow have shown too much negligence to your snake and now your plant is suffering from root rot, yellow edges, or any other forms of plant disease, and you want to give it another shot by starting again from scratch.

It’s always better to get a new mirror instead of trying to solve the puzzle of broken pieces. So, you can use the fresh parts of your plant and generate a new one without much hassle.

If these are reasonings are enough for you to propagate your snake plant and help mother earth live by increasing plants.

How to Propagate Snake Plant in Water?

Propagating snake plants in water is as easy as it sounds. You just need to cut a leaf from your adult plants and soak it in its water and wait till new roots are grown. Though the process is very easy still there are certain things you should follow.

To complete the process, you will need your plant, a pair of pruning scissors or gardening shears, a container to store water and the leaf, water to put the leaf in, and finally some patience. It’s better if the container is transparent. You can simply take a glass from your kitchen, just make sure that it’s wide enough to keep the leaf. You can also use a sharp knife to cut off the leaf.

Propagate Snake Plant in Water

After getting everything ready, let’s get to work. Select any leaf from your plant. Although healthier leaves would generate roots more rapidly, the otherwise would also not harm you much. Cut off the selected leaf directly from the base of the original plant using your sharp knife or pruning shears.

The downside should take a V kind of shape if you have cut it out properly. Don’t forget to disinfect the pruning scissors before getting them to action.

After you have your leaf at your hand safe and sound, let’s move toward the next part. Take the V cuttings in the water and put them upside down in the container. Make sure the water is slightly above the v cut. As new roots will grow from below the leaf may uplift the leaf so to be safe water slightly more than the cut.

Roots will emerge from the bottom of the leaf cuttings after 3 to 5 weeks. Tiny pups will begin to grow in another 2 to 3 weeks. You can either plant the cuttings in soil or leave them in water to grow. But keep the plant in water for too long. You might kill your plant as they would need soil to get a grip on as they grow.

How to Propagate Snake Plant in Soil?

I enjoy rooting in the water at first because I enjoyed watching the roots grow. But I can understand wanting to do one thing and then be done with it. If that’s the case, you can also propagate your Sansevieria cuttings directly in the soil. Using soil is probably the best alternative method of propagation.

This method mostly just skips the water part. Cut your leaf and separate it from the parent plant, let it callous over, put it in soil, and wait. Keep the soil very lightly moist while rooting, less when roots are established.

The leaf-cutting itself won’t grow anymore. Unless it was the tip of the leaf and the tip is still intact. Once you see a new leaf popping up, you can cut the original cutting down. Take care of the baby plant till it matures. No need to worry about repotting them in near future.

How to Propagate Using Rhizomes?


The mother-in-law tongue plant or snake plant can also grow new ones from thick rhizomes or underground organs of the plant. This is where the energy for leaf and stem growth is stored.

This method is also known as the root division or division method. In this process, instead of a single leaf, the entire plant is divided into separate parts and each of the parts is planted in soil to get more plants.

Remove the plant from its pot and cut the base into sections with pruning shears or a sharp knife. Unless the plant is very old and has a lot of rhizomes, simply cut the total portion of rhizomes into half. A good rule of thumb is to start with at least three rhizomes and one healthy leaf per new plant.

Plant each new section in new potting soil. Nurture them for a couple of days cautiously as they are a little bit weak in the tenure.

Final Words

You can very easily propagate your snake plant without much hassle. But at first, properly go through the methods and be cautious while cutting off the leaf.

Do check out the other article about snake plants and other plants you have. Who knows some of them might come in handy to you. And hope that the how to propagate snake plant guide gives you the proper solution.

Happy gardening!!!