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How Often Should I Water MY Spider Plant?

Publish Data: May 17, 2022

by Sifat Sadekin

Spider Plant, also called the name Airplane Plant, is one of the most seen in-house gardening plants. This quick-growing plant just needs indirect sunlight and to be free from frost or moisture to outgrow any other plant with little like almost no care.

The plant also bears tremendous air-purifying qualities besides its nice and decent look. These plants are adored for their cute little white flowers besides green leaves.

Due to their ever-pleasant look, they can be placed almost anywhere in the house and boost the interior of the house.

So, How Often Should I Water MY Spider Plant?

Watering the plant once a week may become a good game for you but still, it may vary for your case due to weather, humidity, and other aspects. So, do check before watering.

How Often Should I Water MY SPIDER
Michael Pieracci / Flicker

Basics of Watering Spider Plant

Spider plants contain tuberous roots which help them to store water. Also, these South African native plants need a very less amount of water to stay healthy and vivid. As with other indoor plants you can use tap water to water them.

If the plants are overwatered or kept in moist soil, the leaves may turn into droopy leaves and the sharp tips may turn into brown leaf tips.

You may get yourself a pot with a better water drainage system to ensure moisture-free dry soil which may prevent these disasters.

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So, don’t keep excess water in your pot of soil.  For that, you may use well-draining soil or a pot with bigger drainage holes.

How do You Know It’s the Time to Water Your Spider Plant

It’s very important to check the soil before watering the spider plant for the stake of its life. Make sure the soil has dried before you water them.

You can simply put your finger into the soil and do a quick finger test.

If you finger traces dump them within one or two inches of soil you can recheck and then water them after finding dry soil.

How Much Water Does Your Spider Plant Need

There is no fixed amount on your plants’ need for water. It will vary on certain facts; like, location, soil type, time of the year, and even the growth stage is your plant currently in.

Younger spider plants need more water as they grow fast.

watering in spider plant

But in the case of adult plants, the requirement falls dramatically. As tuberous roots help the mature plants store water, they tend to need less amount of water.

So, it depends upon the plant how much water it needs besides the frequency of watering.

How Often is too Often

You may need to stop watering your plants if they tend to get affected by root rot or brown tips.

However, you may simply water your twice a week in summer and fewer times to your baby spider plants. Mature plants require less water.

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So, in summer, water them twice every three weeks and again much lesser in winter.

Keep in mind that these frequencies might be needed to be altered for your plant depending upon your location and plant’s growth stage.

What to Do in Summer and Winter

Watering spider plant in summer: As the summer months take hydration and we need more water in the summer, please do water your plants a little more in summer.

Watering spider plant in winter: In winter, you can almost give up on watering your spider plant. You may need to water them hardly once in three or two weeks. Don’t be surprised even if you need water once or twice a month.

Do test the soil to know about the best timing to water your spider plant. Keep faith in your intuition too.

How to Know if You are Overwatering

The spider plant is very much a water-sensitive plant. If you do any blunder by any mistake, they will let you know immediately. They will signal you through some symptoms.

Among these symptoms may include, roots rotting, green leaves turning into brown leaves, the sharp tips losing their sharpness, and becoming browning tips are really easy to find out.

spider plant leaves turning into brown

If this happens to your spider plants, stop feeding them and keep them near a sunny window until they are back in form.

As they recover fast, you will see them back in their older shape in almost no time.

How to Know if You are Watering less

Like overwatering, a healthy spider plant might signal you even if you provide them with less water.

When you keep them on thirst, the leaves will start to fade out their color and take a faded lighter green color.

If these happen keep attention to your plant and water them a bit more and increase the soil moisture than before.

Thanks to their rapid recovery, they will come around in almost no time.

Bonus tips:

How to Care Spider Plant

It takes very little effort behind spider plant care as it naturally grows quickly without much hustle.

However, a little effort will help you keep adult plants green and lively. here is a small plant guide for your use:

Spider plant cutting :

Pruning the leaves in summer or spring helps the plant stay healthy and manage humidity level to average humidity.

For the same, you need to cut off the excess leaves direct from the base of the adult plant. For adult spider plant cutting, you may use a garden scissor or a pair of scissors.

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Avoid direct sunlight:

The spider plant is a sunlight-sensitive plant. For the same, it needs to be kept out of reach from direct sunlight or bright light.

Keeping it in direct sunlight will burn the leaves, and eventually, the plant will die. But again, the plant needs some light to survive.

disadvantage of sunlight for spider plant

So, never forget to keep the plant in a place with indirect light. South-facing windows may give you a better advantage in this case.

Better Water drainage : 

The spider plant is also a water-sensitive plant. It would be best to make sure the pot you are using has a better drainage system, and that extra water does not stay on the soil for long.

You will also need to refrain from watering the plant in winter or cold weather. If you keep feeding them in winter, the plant will eventually die out of water.

Winter care: 

Spider plant hates cold temperatures besides extra humidity.

So, in these conditions, you will need to give them some artificial heat or light to survive.

Final Words

Hope the “How Often Should I Water MY Spider Plant” article fulfilled your desire.

Watering spider plants may seem a complex and tiresome process at first.

But as you get into the game it’ll become a piece of cake. Remember to check the soil before watering.

Also, keep an eye on your plant to get notified about the updates at even smaller changes.