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Watering a large garden is a challenge that many gardeners have faced during their gardening journey. Many of you sometimes might have wanted to have a large garden for getting more crops at a time. But many times you can’t get the desired results from your large because of not watering it in a proper way.  Now, you may think it might be really difficult to water a large garden. But believe me, it’s not that difficult to water a large garden if you follow the best way for doing it. So, here I am to share the best
You should definitely cover your vegetable garden for winter. Winter is the toughest season for the garden and you should definitely give some protection to your plants and soil. You need to cover your garden to protect it from winter rain, frost, and freezing. During the time of frosting, many plants get injured. So don’t wait for the winter to come and ruin your garden. You better prepare your garden for winter.  If you are new to gardening and don’t know how to cover your garden so, here I am to help you in this matter. So, relax and let’s find out what you
What else will be better than a raised bed vegetable gardening when you are a beginner and want to make an outdoor vegetable garden? Many beginners select a big size land for their vegetable garden, as a result, they can’t handle their garden properly. They get frustrated at their failure and decide to give up. Don’t do this mistake! Guess what? Now I am going to give you some amazing tips about making a raised bed vegetable garden. So let’s dive in deeper! ReSprout / YouTube Table of Contents 6 easy steps to make your raised bed vegetable garden Many people think that making a
Many beginners struggle with the thought that what would be the best vegetables for their raised bed gardening. Raised bed vegetable gardening is becoming popular day by day because of its flexibility.  But many people choose the wrong vegetable for raised bed as a result they find the raised bed gardening too hard. So, it is important for you to know which vegetables will be best for your raised beds.  Here in this article, I am going to suggest to you some of the best vegetables for your raised beds vegetable garden. Let’s dig in deeper! Gary Pilarchik /
You know water is an essential element for your plant, right? It can save your plant from dying as well as it can drag your plants to death. For this reason, you need to know the proper use of water in your vegetable garden. There are chances that as a beginner it will be difficult for you to understand the watering system. So, what can be the proper use of water in vegetable gardening?  Does a vegetable garden need water every day? A vegetable garden doesn’t need water every day. Your garden needs the right amount of water to moist soil and
The raised bed gardening is an easy option for gardeners especially when you are a beginner in gardening. But a question always bothered the gardeners that what growing medium will be the best one for a raised bed? Should you choose topsoil or compost for your raised bed? Both topsoil and compost are good for raised beds depending on your soil condition and usage of the products. Compost is richer in nutrients on the contrary topsoil can contain the nutrients of it much longer. Thus, the soil condition can make a difference in the case of receiving benefits.  Native soil or your usual garden soil isn’t an ideal option for
There are various types of fertilizers available for your vegetable plants. But as a beginner you may get confused that what will be the best one for growing a healthy plant, right? Or maybe you are thinking about making an organic vegetable garden. Then, which fertilizer will you choose for your veggie garden? Well, don’t think too much and choose organic compost for your vegetable garden without any doubt. The main benefit of choosing organic compost may be the eco-friendly behavior of it. Besides, this mixture of organic materials will cause no damage to your plants and vegetables.  So, let’s know more about this amazing organic fertilizer so that you can know why you
You may be sad after the death of your favorite plant. You leave no stone unturned in taking care of the plant. But it couldn’t make it. So, now you may think where have you gone wrong? Well, have you ever noticed your plant’s soil?  If not then please check the soil of your container plants. Without ensuring the best soil for your plant roots in containers you can’t expect your plant to grow. But how can you know that it is the best soil, right? Well, that’s why I am here to tell you about the best soil to grow vegetable plants in the container. So, without any
Sometimes you really wish to have some freshly grown vegetables rather than the veggies from the market. But you live in an apartment and don’t have a lawn or enough open space to make an outdoor vegetable garden. Now you may be wondering that how this wish can become true. So, Can you make an indoor vegetable garden inside your house? Yes, you can. All you just have to make sure your plant gets enough sunlight, water, and nutrients. Besides this, taking proper care of your garden can make your dream come true. Only thinking of having an indoor garden is
Are you new to gardening? Don’t know how to prepare a vegetable garden as a beginner? Then this article will guide you in making a vegetable garden from scratch. Not only that but also it will help you to manage the garden and handle the problems you will face in the garden. Well, you might be afraid of hearing the words problems, manage, handle, and all but chill. For making a vegetable garden you don’t need a Ph.D. degree in gardening! All you have to do follow some steps to own a vegetable garden of your own. I have kept