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Are you concerned about saving your avocado trees from death? Nobody wants to let go of their trees after dedicating hard work to them. Back when I started my first avocado gardening, I lost quite a few trees. But over the years, I have gained more practical knowledge related to this issue. Now I am a successful avocado gardener, and I know how to treat my trees properly. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will get your answer about how to save a dying avocado tree. First, you need to look for any symptoms that show your
Are you worried about your avocado leaves turning brown? Just a few years ago, I faced the same problem when I started to grow avocado trees in my garden. But over the years, I have learned enough practical knowledge to provide you with an elaborate answer. So, I hope that after reading this article, you will find a suitable solution to your problem. The prominent reason for leaf browning is excessive salt accumulation. That happens due to excess chloride in your irrigation water. In addition, anthracnose disease, root rot, mineral deficiency, inadequate irrigation, etc. can turn avocado leaves brown
Are you an avocado gardener and concerned about how to prune your trees? Although it may seem a little tough in the beginning, don’t worry. Gaining some practical knowledge and experience over time, you can prune your trees like a professional gardener. In this article, I’ll share with you what I have learned over the years about how to prune an avocado tree. First, you need to select the proper tools to start the pruning procedure. Then utilize these tools to approach a variety of pruning methods to reshape your trees. In addition, you must consider the ideal timing,
Have you started growing avocados but don’t know when to pick them from the tree? I had this same question in mind when I started producing avocados as houseplants. But over the years, I gained enough experience to answer this question. In this article, I will write about when you should pick avocados from trees based on my practical knowledge. You will find the months of August to September most ideal to harvest avocados. But do not pick all the fruits from trees at once. Pick a few fruits that are the largest and wait for a week. If
Have you already started growing avocado trees but don’t know how long they will take to bear fruit? I didn’t even have the idea when I started gardening and producing avocados as houseplants. In this article, I’ll write about how long your avocado trees might take to bear fruit based on my practical knowledge gained over the years. You can grow avocados from either seed or young plants. If you choose to buy a grafted young plant from a nearby nursery or local garden center, it will probably take 3 to 5 years to give you fruits after planting.
Have you already started growing avocado trees but don’t know when to fertilize them? A few years back when I started growing my avocado trees, I also had the same question along with many other issues with fertilizers. In this article, I’ll try to explain when you should fertilize your avocado trees based on my practical knowledge and experiences. You need to fertilize your avocado trees three times during the first year. You should do the first feeding in spring, the second one in summer, and the last one in fall. You can stop fertilizing in late autumn once
Do you want to grow avocados as houseplant but concerned about how tall they will grow? You might also be worried if you grow them in your garden. Because if the trees fail to reach average height in due time, you may not get the expected number of fruits. But don’t worry, I’ll try to explain this issue as much as possible with my practical knowledge. Avocado trees can grow up to 15 to 20 meters or 50 to 70 feet in height if you can provide the necessary care. In some cases, the trees can even cross 80
Are you concerned about how much sunlight your avocado trees need? When I started gardening a few years ago, I was also worried about this issue. But now as an experienced enough, I can easily provide you the answer. In this article, I’ll try to explain how much sunlight your avocado trees will need based on my practical knowledge. On average, an avocado tree needs a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day. It is also recommended by researchers that keeping the surrounding temperature between 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit results in the best outcome. You also need
Are you worried about how long your avocado trees may take to grow fully? In fact, when I started to grow my own avocados as beautiful houseplants, I was also concerned about this issue. Along with this, I also got worried about when my plants will start to give me fruits. So, don’t worry, I will try to provide you information based on my knowledge and practical experiences. If you have grown an avocado plant from a seed, it might take 5 to 13 years to become a mature tree that can give fruits. On the other hand, if
Do you want to grow avocado fruit but don’t know if they can be grown indoors? Don’t worry, you are not the only one who had the same question. I also faced a similar problem before starting to produce avocado inside my own house.  In this article, I’ll try to share my experience to explain if you can grow avocados indoors. You can definitely grow avocados indoors by using seeds or young plants. Most people think growing fruits inside the house is a very difficult task which requires a lot of tools. But this is completely wrong. You already