Best way to harvest basil for regrowth

Are you aware that harvesting basil in the wrong way can stop the growth of your basil plant? So, for the continued growth of basil, you have to know the best way to harvest basil for regrowth. The wrong way of harvesting can kill your plant.

But many of you are maybe confused about the right time, the right height, or the correct process for harvesting basil. Do not worry! I am here to solve your problem.

Here I have mentioned almost all the possible answers to clear your questions about the best ways for harvesting basil for regrowth.

So, let’s dig in deeper!

Best way to harvest basil for regrowth
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The appropriate condition for harvesting basil

If you don’t want to harm the plant growth, you have to wait for the right time for harvesting. You cannot harvest as soon as you notice some true big green leaves on your baby basil plant.

By harvesting basil in the appropriate condition, you can get a bunch of basil throughout the summer. Indeed you can have a regular pick from your plant once it gains its perfect condition for harvesting.

It is better to wait until your basil has grown at least 2 to 3 sets of leaves. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for the first time to harvest after sowing the seeds.

But if you don’t have any rush to pick basil leaves, you can wait a little bit more. Allow your basil to grow more leaves so that it can survive even after harvesting. Many people often rush for harvesting due to excitement that may lead the plant to death.

Also, make sure that the plant has grown up to at least 6 to 8 inches tall. With this much growth, you can get enough space to cut the stems of basil or even the basil leaves.

At this height, you will have the desired amount of true leaves on your plant, and you can leave some basil leaves at the base of the basil plant for survival.

Furthermore, when we talk about the harvesting process, let me give you some detailed information about it. Harvesting is an easy task when you can follow the appropriate way.

However, following the wrong guide can kill your plant. So, make sure you are on the right track.

Two Best ways to harvest basil

harvest basil

Probably you want a long-time harvest from your basil plant. For this, you have to follow some proper ways of harvesting to grow the leaves again and again!

Basil is an easy annual herb to grow in your garden. Frequent harvesting in a proper way can ensure a large amount of basil production continuously.

So, let’s know how you can get the fresh basil throughout the summer.

There are mainly two types of harvesting you can notice. One is pinching some leaves out of the stems of basil for garnishing. The other is harvesting a large number for making foods.

The small amount of harvesting may not harm the plant. But when you decide to collect a large number of leaves, you have to be careful.

If you need a lot of basil leaves, you can harvest the stem also.

Harvesting the basil leaves

When the plant is at least 6 inches tall, you can harvest some leaves from it. Whenever you want some fresh leaves for garnishing, you can freely pick some leaves from the branch tips.

Make sure you are picking up the leaves from the top leaf pair of the stem. Leave at least a couple of leaves at the base of the stem.

Also, it is better to collect the leaves from the top stems of basil and not from the base stems. If you collect leaves from the base, the plant will become thin and tiny.

On the other hand, if you collect leaves from the top, it will encourage the regrowth of the leaves, and the basil plant will grow into a bushy plant.

Harvesting the basil stems

basil stems

When you require a lot of basil leaves, you can directly collect the stems. If you cut or prune the basil stems, they will also lead to growing more stems on your plant.

As a result, you will get a bushier and healthy basil plant.

For cutting the stem, you have to select the stem from the top of the basil. Leave the base stems or branches. Cutting the top stem of the plant will not only grow in height but also in width.

You can harvest at least one-third of the plant’s leaves through stem harvesting.

From each branch, you can cut at least 3-4 inch long cuttings. Select the stem and cut the stem from the top of a leaf node. Cut the stem from at least 0.25 inches up from the node and not more than that.

If you leave a long-branch stub, the shoots will grow from the spot of the branch intersection. Those shoots will hinder the growth of the basil.

However, cutting exactly 0.25 inches up from the node will ensure the division of the stem, and it will grow more branches. As a result, you will have a bushy basil plant with healthy growth.

Also, don’t forget to leave some leaf pair on those stems of basil.

Some cautions for basil harvest!

Though basil harvest is not a difficult task, you have to take care of some things. Basil is a delicate herb.

So, when you pick the leaves from the stem or cut a branch from the plant, one wrong move can harm the plant. So the things you have to be careful about are here:

  • Use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife while harvesting. The leaves are so delicate that they can get crushed while you pull them from the stem. The same thing goes for the stem cutting too!
  • Don’t start harvesting too early! Give your basil some time to grow. Though you cultivate basil for leaves, you can’t harvest them as soon as there are leaves on the plant.
  • Pinch off the shoots or flower buds from the plant while harvesting. It is a must thing to maintain the healthy growth of the basil as basil flowers, or those shoots can take the vital nutrients.
  • You can pinch off some leaves regularly or have a weekly stem harvest. The more you harvest, the more it will grow. But obviously, you should start collecting them after the right time.

Few last words for you

Basil harvest is easier when you know the right ways to do it and hope that the Best way to harvest basil for regrowth guide helped you. Whether picking some leaves or cutting the stem, always make sure that the plant is not damaged.

If you continue harvesting or pruning, you can get a bunch of basils after a time. Sometimes, you may have a blast of basil, and then don’t forget to store them.

I hope you will have a lot of harvest by the mid-summer, and make sure to add those fresh basil on pizza or into your favorite salad.