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Spider plants are maybe the most suitable indoor plants to start gardening. These indoor plants are so easy to care for and friendly that even beginner gardeners can take care of them without much hassle. These ribbon plants are also loved and tendered for in-house gardening due to their air purification capabilities and keeping the oxygen level better at your home. As they are native to the South African region, they bear good surviving skills and only ask you to provide water and indirect sunlight. If you can give them these much, they will give your house a nice,
Are you concerned about the disposal of your dead livestock? Rather than burying them into the ground, you can convert them into natural compost. Among many methods of dealing with dead livestock, my family has been doing this one for a long time. That is how I learned many things related to this. In this article, I will tell you how to convert your dead animals into compost based on my practical experiences. First, you need certain tools, machinery, and carbon materials for building and managing the compost pile. Using these, you must select a proper site and prepare
Do you want to make fresh compost at your home in plastic tubs or bins? You’ve taken the right decision, even my grandfather used such plastic containers for composting purposes. Since then, my family follows the same process for producing compost for our garden. So in this article, I’ll write about how to make compost in plastic tubs or bins at your home. Composting is time-consuming, but if you do it in small plastic containers, the process gets accelerated more. First, you need to get the ideal containers and drill them. Then you have to fill them with green
Do you want to start your garden by killing the lawn grass with compost? Even my father adopted the composting process to kill grass when I was young to start our garden. Over the years, I gained a lot of experience working with him. So, in this article, I’ll write about how to kill grass with compost based on my practical knowledge. You will find that the composting process is recommended by most home gardeners to kill grass. In this process, you have to mow down the big grasses first. Then, you need to lay down a few layers
Spider plants maybe are the most common and favorite in-house gardening plant of all time. As they are easy to grow, even beginner-level gardeners can easily raise them. Its tremendous air purifying capacity also makes the ribbon plant adored by all. The plant requires almost no care besides water and indirect light. In the meanwhile, the plant produces a lot of babies or spiderets within a short period. These baby plants will provide you with the great opportunity to get more plants in your garden but it may not always be the same. Spider plant babies may seem harmless
We all know that basil is a hardy plant that can easily survive a little bit of the harshness of nature. But that does not mean you will not face any problems while growing basil in your herb garden. There are many problems that you may face during basil cultivation. Out of those problems, we often face the problem of yellow and curly leaves. Sometimes you may notice that the leaves are turning yellow or curling up or down. So, to solve this problem, you have to know why they are turning yellow and curling. Basil leaves can curl
Growing basil from cuttings is one of the easiest ways to have this delicious herb in your herb garden. You can even collect basil cuttings from your gardener neighbor. So, you can say that this method is budget-friendly as well. However, you may think that you can’t get a healthy basil plant from cuttings. But to be honest, you can grow a healthy, bushier plant from basil cuttings without investing in basil seeds or seedlings.  Here I am going to tell you about how to start basil from cuttings. Many of the beginners may be unaware of the process
Basil loves to grow in a warm environment. So, it is for sure that it needs a lot of suns. Beginners often get confused about the sunlight demand of the basil when they start growing this popular herb. They either give too much sunlight or fewer hours of sun than needed. So, how much sun does basil need to grow? Basil needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day to grow. Basil needs direct sunlight for almost 7 hours per day at an average rate. Even when you are growing basil in a shaded place, you
Basil is a popular herb that many gardeners, as well as beginners, choose to grow in their garden. Basil is also an ideal choice for getting fresh basil from indoor gardening. However, you may be concerned with the height of the basil plant. What if it grows too tall! So how tall does basil grow? Basil usually grows around 12 to 20 inches tall. Some varieties can even grow up to 16 to 24 inches or more than that. There are two types of basil. One is purple leaf basil that usually grows 20 inches in length and another
Basil is a good herb to add to the dishes in your kitchen. You can add the basil in your soup, stew, spaghetti sauce, or tomato sauce. But you might not have fresh basil throughout the whole year if you have planted the annual varieties. So, you have to preserve the basil for the period when the fresh basil won’t be available. So how are you going to preserve it, right? Can you freeze the fresh basil?  Yes, you definitely can freeze the fresh basil. As basil is sensitive to cold, you can’t directly put it in the fridge.
If you have outdoor space and you want to grow basil outside then you surely can do it. Basil is a sun-loving plant and so it will love to grow in your outdoor garden. But you know you can’t control the environment outside and your basil may even die during cold days.  So when to plant the basil outside? At least 50°F or 10°C is needed as it is a considerable warmth to put your basil plant outside. But the preferable warmth is 70°F or 21°C for the best growth of the plant, so it’s better to put it
The Spider Plant, commonly known as the Airplane Plant, is one of the most common indoor plants. This fast-growing plant only requires indirect sunlight and is frost-free or moist to outgrow any other plant with little to no maintenance. Aside from its attractive appearance, the plant has excellent air-purifying properties. Apart from their green leaves, these plants are loved for their adorable small white blooms. They may be placed practically anyplace in the house and enhance the inside of the house due to their ever-pleasant appeal. Although Spider Plants are almost hassle-free to grow, they too sometimes face many