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Many people give up on taking care of their old apple tree. But old apple trees can also bear fruits if you prune them.  The previous year I wanted to cut the old apple tree in my backyard. But then my neighbor told me to prune my old apple tree as there were no apples on the tree. The result of pruning an old apple tree is unbelievable! I noticed the apples were growing again on my old apple tree. Prune the old apple tree in your backyard to get a bountiful harvest. But if you don’t know how
When you had planned to use eco-friendly green products in your garden you probably had the idea of using compost tea. Compost tea is a great method to bring fertility and arability to land. You can simply mix compost and water and make your compost tea or even get a commercially available compost tea packet and mix them with water and use. However, you will be needing to spray compost tea in your garden. You can simply use a sprayer and spray compost tea all over your garden. And you’re going to spray 5-gallon compost tea per acre I
Pruning is a must thing for the proper growth of a tree. But people prune the tree at the wrong time, and as a result, they can’t get the best out of pruning. So, when is the best time to prune an apple tree?  The dormant season is the best time for pruning the apple tree. You can either prune the tree in late winter on in early spring. It is better to prune the tree between the leaf falls and buds blooming.  The result of pruning my apple tree has surprised me when I prune it for the first
Knowing the depth of the apple tree roots will help you to add sufficient water. Also, you will learn how deeply you should water the tree. It will also help you to measure the gaps between trees while planting. When my neighbor planted an apple tree for the first time, he was worried that the roots might get inside his house. It may sound silly. But so many people think like that because of the small space.  However, before planting an apple tree, you should know about the depth of its roots. It will help you with the plant’s
Water is an essential factor for growing an apple tree. I have seen many people who complain about their apple trees growth. When I go through their plant care routine, I notice that the problem was their watering method. Either their over-watering kill the plant or their under-watering stop the growth of the plant. So ultimately, they are harming the plant growth to death. So, like any other fruit tree, the amount of water for the apple plant should also be perfect.  So, how much water does an apple tree need per day? A mature apple tree needs one
My neighbor doesn’t want to spray his apple tree to maintain the authenticity of the fruit. He used to think that the chemicals can harm the taste of the fruit. But that’s not true. He had to spray it once the insects attacked his tree.  Don’t think like that and also do not do this as my neighbor does! If you want to protect your apple tree, you must have to spray the tree.  So when should I spray my apple tree? Starting from the time of petal dropping, you can spray the apple tree before the harvest time.
If there was a list of the most tolerable indoor plants on the planet, snake plants would undoubtedly be near the top. Snake plants are without a doubt the easiest plant to grow, with the least amount of regular maintenance and effort required. Anyone can grow the perfect plant anywhere, including your bedroom, kitchen, lawn, and even at the bathroom corner. Wherever you keep them, they will provide you with green foliage without bothering you or requiring you to provide much plant care. Because of its incredible air purification capacity, the snake plant is also becoming a popular indoor
Growing an apple tree takes time! An apple tree doesn’t grow mature within a few days. You can’t rush the growing process of an apple tree. You have to be patient to grow this fruit tree. However, now you must want to know about the growth times of an apple tree, right? So, how long does an apple tree takes to grow? The trees from local garden centers or nurseries may start growing fruits after three years of planting. The dwarf apple trees may take at least two years to bear fruits. The standard height rootstock trees may take
Do you want to turn the decorative pumpkins and gourds of your house into compost? While most people consider this a hassle, it is a very rewarding process. Every year our family uses food items like this for decoration purposes which we convert into compost after using them. That is how I gained more experience in composting. So, in this article, I will provide you with the details about how you can convert the pumpkins and gourds into compost. You can easily convert your decorative pumpkins and gourds into compost if you know which process is suitable for you.
I have grown up watching my neighbors grow apple trees in their backyard. I can say that they have a mini apple garden in their backyard. I have watched them plant those apple trees during fall, late winter, or spring. So, out of curiosity, I asked them why they had been replanting them in those particular seasons of the year. Why not in summer or winter. So, they replied that these seasons are the best for planting an apple tree. So, when is the best time to plant an apple tree? Fall, late winter, and spring are the best
Starfish Snake plant plants are extremely rare, but they’re well worth looking for if you can find them. As the name suggests, they are a small hybrid of the more common easy to look after indoor plant Snake plant. This type of snake plant features fan-shaped, light green foliage with dark green concentric circles from top to bottom of a leaf. The plant is a native of South America. New plants can be propagated by transplanting young “pups” that grow from the plant’s base. Like other kinds of Snake plants, the Starfish snake plant is also very easy to
Snake Plants, also known as Sansevieria trifasciata, are exotic-looking indoor plants that are suitable for novice indoor gardeners and those who live in homes with low light levels inside. From Black Coral to Laurentii and Cyclindrica varieties, Sansevieria trifasciata is a great houseplant to own. Its tremendous air purification capacity also makes the plant the roommate you always needed. Although the plant requires very little affection from you, it may need to put some energy into it for repotting. It would give you more plants to keep your home filled with greenery and goodness. The process is very easy,